Used Cooking Oil Recycling in Florida

Used Cooking Oil


Kitchens produce over 2.5 billion gallons of used cooking oil every year. It’s commonly disposed of via the kitchen drain, which ends up clogging drains, making drainage impossible. This results in overflows on the streets as well as irreversible damage to the sewer pipes. 

RECOMMENDED MAINTENANCE: The collection frequency of used cooking oil is based on our client’s personal needs. Choosing Banyan Environmental Group, you will save time and money by entrusting us with your used cooking oil disposal. Our complete service provides custom container placement based on oil volume, along with scheduled pick-ups that meet the high demands of busy locations.

WHY CHOOSE BANYAN ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP: Banyan Environmental Group is committed to do our part for the environment and we work with companies all over the world to take care of used cooking oil recycling. Whether it’s being used to produce feed for cattle, converting it into bio-diesel, or even making soap and other household goods- we are proud to stand by the principles of sustainability: Economy, Society, and the Environment.

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